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"Cet artiste équestre avec son spectacle Confidence nous invite à méditer le chemin de l'homme en tant que personne mais aussi celui de l'animal représenté par Pantin, cheval devenu son complice, véritable témoignage de l'évolution humaine dans son rapport à l'animal"
                                                                                                                       J-C Ferrand

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Confidence is the story of a man and his horse. A duo of poetry and humour between freedom and dressage, acrobatics and balance. Thus we discover the work that unites these two characters in complicity and secrecy. Faced with this powerful steed, the man of "Modern Times" finds again the wild was and his childhood dreams.


During the 55 minutes of this poetic equestrian show you will discover Pantin and the man who accompanies him, Manu Bigarnet during moments of freedom, mounted passage and much more...


With more than 27 performances in Loix, Périgny, Lunéville and Amiens, the latest creation by the Compagnie Of K'Horse Confidence can now be exported wherever you wish, in a tent or outdoors! 


For more information, contact us! 

Teaser 2018
Confidence en tournée
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